Why a Storm Door ?

Jun 30 , 2021


Christine Ottrando

Why a Storm Door ?

Having the right storm door for your home is important to your entry door’s comfort and protection. A storm door can provide security, energy efficiency, and value to your home, but what is a storm door?

A Storm Door is an outer door installed over your main entry door to protect against any unpleasant weather, thiefs, and to improve security, ventilation, and aesthetics to your home. The majority of these doors have an aluminum frame with a maintenance-free finish that will last you years. These doors have a double layer of glass and could also have screens to increase ventilation in your home.

So why the Storm Door?

Well as mentioned before, the door’s main use is to protect your entry door from the sun and other climates like rain, which can discolor, stain, and weaken your door over time. It adds a cover to your nice door to protect from the strong rays the sun releases. Keeps your home secure from intruders. Another reason why you should buy a storm door is to increase ventilation in your home while keeping your home secure from intruders. Opening your entry door when the weather is nice allows for an increase of natural light without the harmful rays, and allows ventilation to keep your home cool while keeping insects and thieves from entering. Larson Doors offers an engineered glass which stands repetitive blows and has an $1,000 Break-In Warranty.

Do I need a storm door?

When deciding to buy a storm door consider these things:
Is the sun hitting your door? 
Do you get rain where you live?
Does your home get hot?
Are you in need of more ventilation in your home?


If most of these were answered with “yes” then consider buying a storm door with us. We offer brands like Percision, Titan, and Larson Doors and it is our mission to help you get the style, door, and appearance that best fits your home!

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