Milgard Window Package

Milgard Tuscany Slider low-E

Milgrad Tuscany Slider Low-E with glass break warranty,
Average cost for material and labor; $560 per 4ftx4ft (48" x 48")

Pella Window Package

Pella Window Package

Pella 250 Slider

Pella 250 Pella Slider, with no glass warranty
Average cost for material and labor; $543 per 4ftx4ft (48" x 48")

Crystal Window Package

Crystal Vista Plus Window Slider

Crystal Vista Plus Window Slider, with glass warranty;
Average cost for material and labor; $510 per 4ftx4ft (48" x 48")

Window Questions

Ask Away! Let us help!

Ask to schedule a QnA about our windows, via phone, Face time, or even send us photos of what you're looking for. Whatever is comfortable for you as a customer!

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We love what we do and we work hard to get you what you need fast! We know that during this pandemic many retailers have decreased their hours and availability in their scheduling, but we say otherwise. We do not rush our customers, nor do in home sales. We want you to make the decision you're comfortable with, no rush and no pressure! If you are looking for a safe and fast way to receive a free quote and possibly buy, here's how it works.

About Windows
  • Step 1: Windows

    We ask to please already know what brand, style and handling of window you want before we go out to measure because measurements are taken to suit your new window and for an accurate quote. If you are in debate and need help deciding on what windows best fit your home, please send us an email to schedule a phone QnA with a professional, this can take from 15mins to an hour depending on the quantity of questions and complexity. We encourage our customers to schedule QnA phone appointments to answer any questions you have. Or visit any of these websites for more information about the product.

    Step 2: Measuring

    Once a brand and type of window has been selected, we will then work with our customer to find the perfect date to have a professional to go out and measure your windows. Installer will then go over any issues or concerns such as wall conditions and go over any possible solutions. Possible job concerns: Blinds, Furniture covering or against the windows, plants or tree covering or against the windows.

  • Step 3: Free Quote

    Your measurements will then be sent to our office the same day of appointment to be quoted, this is why window style and brand is important to be known so that an accurate quote can be provided.

    Step 4: Invoice

    Once our customer agrees to their personalized quote, an invoice will be sent with all important information about the pending order. A 15% deposit is required for window(s) to be ordered with manufacture. Why a deposit ? Product is not refundable, all windows are made to order, meaning all ordered windows are customized to fit perfectly to one's home. But don’t worry! We do not rush purchases nor tight our customers, we want to help you make the right decision you are comfortable with.

  • Step 5: Delivery

    Windows are ordered with the manufacturer the same day the deposit is paid. The average arrival is 14 days to 5 weeks for Windows to come in. Once the arrival date approaches our office will contact the customer to set up a delivery date for product and installation. For most orders Installation happens on the same day of delivery.

    Step 6: Installation Process

    We are very big on cleanliness! So we have invested over $5,000 on vaccines, dust suckers, air purifier, plastic covers and brooms to use throughout the whole installation! We leave your home clean and ready to enjoy new windows.

    1. Old sashes and windows will be removed and openings will be parepre for new windows.

    2. New windows are set in a thick bean of 900 rain buster caulking (best caulking in the market), which guarantees complete water free seal.

    3. The window will now be adjusted in the opening from inside, then a low expansion foam will be use to cover gaps larger than a 8th of an inch

    4. The window will be finished from inside with trim matching the window, additional caulking will be added on the interior and exterior of the window at the end of the installation

    Before leaving the job site we ask to give the caulking time to cure before items such as blinds are re-installed.

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