What is 6 inch gutters used for?
6 inch gutters are used for homes with tile roofs and steep roof lines and roofs that project passed the fascia board.
How many downspouts do I need?
As a rule of thumb, you want one downspout for at least every 30 to 40 feet of gutters.
What is Leaf Guard used for?
Leaf guard is used where you might have tree leaves or other debris fall on your roof. You don't have to use it on every part of your roof but if there is a part that gets a lot of debris, a leaf guard is the answer.
How long does a typical window order take?
From the date of the order, approximately 5 weeks
How long does a typical window installation take?
It depends on the type of product and existing windows. Clad products take longer than vinyl windows. We will give you an approximate length of time for install at the time of sale. Most jobs will only take one day.
Do you offer a warranty?
Most window manufacturers offer a limited lifetime warranty. All wood products have a one-year warranty, but must be painted within 10 days after the installation. Door must not be hit with direct sun or rain. Ask us for more details.
Do you offer an installation warranty?
Yes, we offer a limited 15-year warranty.
Do you deliver?
If you purchase product with installation, we will bring the product with us on the day of install. Some manufacturers offer direct delivery to your home and we might have them deliver it before the day of install. If you purchase product only, there is a cost for delivery fees. Please contact us for pricing.
Do you sell or deliver outside of CA?
No we do not. We only service certain parts of Southern California. Please let us know what area you are located in.
Do you haul away the old products?
Yes we do.
Will any painting be required after the installation?
On some occasions, painting is needed around the perimeter of doors or windows. Minor touch-upʼs are occasionally needed.
Are permits required?
Not every city requires a permit. Some cities donʼt require permits for certain products, but do for other products. If you live in an HOA, you will need an approval letter before purchasing and installation. If you are required to have a permit pulled, you have the option of pulling it as a homeowner or we as your contractor can pull it for you, but an extra fee will be required. Please discuss with your salesperson.
How do I measure for a door?
How to measure for an entry door? To get a general measurement open the door and measure the inside dimension where the door is hinged off of (all the way to the strike side). These measurements are typically 30",32", 36" and sometimes even 42" for a single entry door. Whatever the inside dimension is you want to add 1-1/2" to determine the net frame dimension of your door with the frame size. In order to determine the height you will keep the door open and measure from the bottom not including the threshold. If you are on a raised foundation, you will measure from on top of the large wood sill, then measure all the way to where the door sits on the top frame. That measurement + 3/4" for the top frame will give you the height's net frame dimension. A Standard size for the height of most entry doors that are in stock are 81 3/4". On units that are double doors: typical sizes for the inside dimension are usually 60", 72" and sometimes 64". You will measure just like on the single door from one side to the other side and add 1-1/2" to get the net frame dimension.
How long does an average vinyl fence job take?
- Most are one day. Typical job is 100 feet. Some jobs can take 2 or 3 days depending on different circumstances and issues. Do you offer a sliding gate? No. What colors are offered? - White, sand/almond are basic.
Will there be gaps at bottom of fence or gates?
Yes. Gates must be able to clear the highest point to open. Ground elevation varies causing gaps. You can chose to have your fence installed to follow the grade or you can keep it level.