INSTALLED Premium Aluminum Security Meshtec Screen Double Door Manchester

Standard/Oversized Double Door Size: 60", 72" x 80"

Door Frame Size: 5-3/8" x 1 1/2

Handle Height: 39 1/2"   54"

Mount Style: Surface Mount

Double Door Swing: Left Active or Right Active

Lifetime rust-free guarantee

Meshtec Screen: Hard-Wired black screen for strength. High grade, stainless steel wires are placed under continuous tension as they are woven together, creating a mesh that is as difficult to get through as it is easy to see through. Meshtec resists repeated attempts to break through the screen using brute force.  Independent lab testing results exceed stringent Australian standards, verifying that the screen system withstands more than 885 pounds per inch of repeated impact pressure.

Actual finish color and sheen may vary due to lighting and graphic limitations

This purchase includes: Door and installation of the Door. 
Handset sold separately 

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