Top Of The Trades

Residential Window Installation Service in Los Angeles, CA

Do your home’s windows need a facelift? Turn to the pros at Top of the Trades for residential window installation. We have over 35 years of experience in the Los Angeles, CA, area and can install any kind of window you need or want for your home, including bay windows.

We can also customize your home’s windows with custom moulding, paint, or vinyl wraps. If you have a window that you want to turn into a doorway, we can do that too.

The team at Top of the Trades always approaches every residential window installation service with professionalism because we know how important your home is to you. We always keep the jobsite clean and pick up after ourselves when we’re done so you can come home to a clean house.

Keep reading to learn about the window materials we offer, installation options, and our commitment to customer service. You can also check out some testimonials from satisfied customers.

Window Frame Materials

Offered in both Traditional and Contemporary. Whether you’re looking for windows and doors that combine functionality with fine furniture detailing and individual window panes or sleek frames with modern hardware, wood windows are for you!



  • Maximize daylight openingsMitered interior vinyl

  • Mitered interior vinyl trim
  • Custom Moulding
  • Vinyl wrap frame covers
  • Custom made openings
  • Raised stone moulding around openings
  • Windows made into doorways
  • Bay windows
  • Remove wood frames
  • Remove wood frames
  • Painting
  • New construction
  • Coil Wrap

We have fast service and shorter lead times and it would be hard to find this kind of service and anywhere else. We do not use inferior products or techniques. Our methods have been tested and prov we are research driven to assure you get the best procedures for the type of application you need. For us about doing it right. This has been our standard since we started in 1985. We don’t sacrifice our qual service in our pricing. We care for your home. We implement dust control and protect your home. necessary, we use Air Scrubbers that takes dust right out of the air. We use plastic walls and covers. We special vacuum with HEPA fillers. We are very clean! We keep you and your family safe from dust and that could be harmful. Our quality and professionalism is a palpable difference!