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Why Gutters are Important


Why Seamless Aluminum Rain Gutters?
Seamless aluminum rain gutters are a popular type of rain gutter and is made at your home to the exact lengths needed. No longer is it necessary to splice together 10-foot sections that will eventually leak and separate. Instead, our “factory on wheels” comes right to your home. Experienced technicians measure your house and fit each rain gutter to exactly the right lengths needed. Thatʼs right, if the back of your home is 100 feet across, weʼll make one 100-foot piece of seamless aluminum rain gutter!

Why gutters are important
• Stops waterfalls next to entryways
• Diverts water from walkways
• Helps stop rain from puddling near home.
• Helps to stop ground corrosion and damage
• Conserves water with water barrels Top Of The Trades Seamless Gutters:
• Do not have any seams
• Are manufactured on site by a special machine, our "factory on wheels"
• Never leak
• Will not come apart on the gutter run
• Are installed properly so that corner boxes and downspout tie-ins will be trouble and leak free for decades.
• Come in over 30 colors and are made with baked on enamel
• Guaranteed not to chip or peel for 50 years
• Will not fade like plastic gutters
• Are more attractive than plastic rain gutters
• Will stay affixed to your roof edge for many years to come

Aluminum Rain Gutter Systems Seamless aluminum rain gutters come pre-painted with a heavy, triple coated, and baked enamel finish.

This finish is so durable that Top Of The Trades warranties the finish for a lifetime against chipping, peeling, or blistering.

Quality Products & Exceptional Services
We offer the largest color selection of rain gutters in the Los Angeles/Orange county in San Bernardino areas.

Our customers can choose from 36 colors, so you can be assured that no matter what color your home is, we have just the right color for you.

We would be happy to help you select just the right size, style, and color to fit your needs. Weʼll then give you a fast, free quote for installing our seamless aluminum rain gutter system.

Top Of The Trades installers have been specializing in this field for over 20 years. They are fully equipped to handle very difficult and unique situations.

We offer many different profiles and options to meet our customers needs.


Most newer homes today, builders did not automatically put gutters up to avoid cost. Not having rain gutters causes a lot of collateral damage around the perimeter of the house and roofs where water will start to corrode walkways, lawns, and landscaping.

When gutters are not installed, you could notice homes that will have a line of dirt approximately 2 feet high on the walls of their home because water will hit the ground and kick up dirt and leave the bottom portion with a type of bath tub dirty water ring. This is not only ugly but in the long run it will cause damage.

It's important for water to be diverted as efficiently as possible away from a home. Gutters are necessary to protect your home from its worst enemy – water.
No high-pressure sales tactics with Zero Sales Pressure, pledging that we work with you fairly and treat you with respect.
No gutter job is complete until your house and yard are clean.

Top Of The Trades associates follow a multi-step cleanup roster at the end of every single day, and an even more thorough routine before completing the job for you.

Top Of The Trades is a proud BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating. This gives you the confidence to know that we stand by our gutters for you. At Top Of The Trades, we take pride in our company. Whether we are installing 50 feet of gutter across your back patio, or we are installing 25,000 feet on a new home development, we will do the job right every time. We strongly believe that satisfied customers will tell their friends, family, and neighbors about us.

What makes one piece seamless aluminum rain gutters different from sectional plastic gutters that you can buy at the hardware store?

Did you know? For every inch of rain that falls on one square foot of your roof, it gets just over half a gallon of rainwater (0.6 gallons).

For example, if you have a shed that is 10ʼ x 10ʼ you can expect the rainwater runoff from all 100 square feet of your roof, to be 60 gallons of rainwater during a 1-inch rain event. So an average size roof of a home can get up to 700 to 900 gallons of rainwater running off it with just 1-inch of rain. In our area of California we get approximately 15-inches of rain annually. This adds up to 10,500 to 13,500 gallons of rainwater running off each house on average.

This is enough water to fill a bigger than average pool every year. So whether you want to try to catch and harvest some of this water into a barrel or a cistern, itʼs important at minimum to properly divert and to control as much of it to avoid damaging property. If you need gutters to help prevent waterfalls off your roofs and puddles from ruining your property, and causing hazardous problems. We can provide aluminum rust free seamless rain gutters that look beautiful with 35 colors to pick from.