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Residential Window Installation Service

Do your home’s windows need a facelift? Turn to the pros at Top of the Trades for residential window installation. We have over 35 years of experience in the Los Angeles, CA, area and can install any kind of window you need or want for your home, including bay windows.

We can also customize your home’s windows with custom moulding, paint, or vinyl wraps. If you have a window that you want to turn into a doorway, we can do that too.

The team at Top of the Trades always approaches every residential window installation service with professionalism because we know how important your home is to you. We always keep the jobsite clean and pick up after ourselves when we’re done so you can come home to a clean house.

Keep reading to learn about the window materials we offer, installation options, and our commitment to customer service. You can also check out some testimonials from satisfied customers.

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Window Frame Materials

Offered in both Traditional and Contemporary. Whether you’re looking for windows and doors that combine functionality with fine furniture detailing and individual window panes or sleek frames with modern hardware, wood windows are for you!

White Windows


Starting at Approximately $7.00 per window/ per month Finance Terms: 144 months, Fixed 4.99% APR Must be a combined minimum purchase of $3000.00

Tips to Choose the Right Window Installer 

Are your windows showing signs of wear and tear? Glass, wooden, and nearly all types of windows will deteriorate over time. Continuous exposure to the weather and environmental elements can put a great deal of stress on your window frames. Just cleaning them won’t help. If you are renovating your house or planning to make a few upgrades to increase your property’s value, consider getting your windows replaced. Find the best window installers in Los Angeles and install premium windows in your living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas. 

best window installers in los angelesYou may have selected a pair of gorgeous windows for your house, but it won’t look good if the installation isn’t up to the mark. Window installers will take care of all aspects of installation, ensuring that you get seamless windows that offer privacy and security and look stunning. 

Window installation isn’t something you can DIY. It’s best to leave the project to a professional who specializes in this line of work and has a proven track record installing all types and sizes of windows. The decision of choosing window installers in Los Angeles, CA, can be pretty overwhelming, as there are tons of installation companies claiming to offer top-notch service. Who should you trust your window installation with? 

If you are having a hard time finding the best window installation company, this post is for you. We have shared a few interesting tips that can help you select the most reliable and cost-effective window installation company in your area. Keep reading.

 Check Reputation

 Window replacement is a long-term investment. You can find companies that claim to install new and latest windows at cheaper than industrial rates, but what about quality? 

You can’t entrust a random contractor with your window or door installation work. Before hiring, check the customer reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and other review websites to get a better idea of the quality of their work. Ask your neighbors or colleagues for referrals. 

Somebody who has had their windows replaced recently can share the contact information of the contractors they hired. You can also ask about the quality of services. Or, you can visit their place to see their work. Ask around locally to collect more information about the contractors and their areas of expertise.

 Understand Your Requirements

Windows come in a variety of sizes, types, shapes, and designs, giving you a myriad of options to choose from. A few popular choices for modern homeowners are single or double-hung windows, arched windows, awning windows, bay & bow windows, and casement windows. You can choose a single-glazed or a double-glazed window. Whichever style you choose, make sure you hire someone who has installed similar kinds of windows in the past. 

Usually, contractors have knowledge about different window styles and sizes. They will pay a visit to your place, check the current windows, and recommend an option that will look elegant in your place and fit your style. You can also share pictures of your current windows and seek advice regarding the best replacement options.

 Check their License and Insurance

Many states require construction workers and home contractors to have valid licenses. They need to undergo training and complete the certification course before they start taking construction projects. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are working with a licensed window installer. It shows their dedication and experience in this industry. 

You can find the license on the contractor’s website. If it’s unavailable, ask them to share a copy of the license. Insurance is equally important. Accidents can happen. You may have hired the most reputable and qualified team, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to accidents. If damage occurs to your property while the team is installing windows, the insurance company will compensate you for the loss. 

 Get a Proposal in Writing

The window installation provider knows how long a project will take, what materials are required, and how they will execute the installation part. Ask them to share these details in writing so that you’ll know what to expect. The proposal should break down the processes, materials, and cost concisely. Ask for a proposal from multiple contractors in your area. Compare their services and narrow your options to the few best and most reliable window installers. Also, ask the contractor to give you an estimated deadline by which they will finish the installation. 

 Check their Experience

Visit their website to gather information about the contractor’s experience. You will find all the details regarding the number of clients they have served, when they are operating, and their experience. As mentioned above, customer reviews will give you more details about the company’s service. 

A contractor who has worked on similar projects knows the ins and outs of this industry. Ask the contractor what kind of challenges they experienced in this job and what strategies they used to overcome these problems. Remember, someone with several years of experience can finish the window installation work more efficiently and in less time than a startup company. Always check experience and work portfolio before hiring.

 Get Quotes

Window replacement is quite expensive, so you will want to get long-lasting and accurate results on the first attempt. Get multiple quotes from different window installation companies. Many contractors offer the same services at a considerably lower price than standard rates. Look for a contractor who offers the best quality installation at reasonable rates. 

Since it’s a long-term investment, don’t base your decision on the price alone. 

Check and compare prices, but you must prioritize the quality of the service over everything. Poor installation that needs frequent repair and maintenance will cost you more in the long run. So, paying a few hundred extra dollars for high-quality work is better. While you are at it, ask if there is any hidden fee or whether the package includes the total cost of the service. You don’t want any surprise bills after they have finished working on your project.

 Ask for Warranties

Some window installation companies also provide the material or work with window manufacturers. Ask them which window will look good in your space and who you should buy the materials from. Also, ask whether the material or the installation services come with a warranty. Any skilled or experienced contractor who’s confident about their work quality won’t hesitate to offer a warranty. They must be willing to offer you free repairs or replacements if your windows break or any damage occurs during the warranty period.

best window installers in los angeles

Quick Response Time

You may need to contact the contractors after they have finished the installation work. Choose a company that responds quickly and is available during business hours at your disposal to answer your questions. You will learn more about the company’s responsiveness after the initial store visit and email inquiries. As a general rule, you should get a reply to your email or text message within 24 hours. 

Beware of the companies that pressure you into finalizing the deal. Everyone homeowner has unique requirements when it comes to window installation. Your property is unique, and window installation isn’t something you do regularly. So, you must work with a company that offers excellent after-sale services. A professional window installation company will treat you like their customer long after installing windows.

Ask Who Will Carry Out the Work

Most window replacement companies hire subcontractors who carry out the installation work. There’s no problem hiring independent contractors, but if you want to work with a reputable company, ask who will install the windows. Get a list of the crew that will execute the job. Ask the company to share their credentials. 

Conduct Interview

A face-to-face interview (whether walk-in or virtual) gives you a better idea of the company you are working with. Prepare a list of the questions to ask during the interview. Here are a few things you can add to the list.

  • Since when have you been serving, and how many clients have you served so far?
  • What challenges did you face during window installations?
  • Would you bring all the necessary equipment?
  • Do you also supply the window materials?
  • What about the after-sale services? Is there any warranty on the product and services?
  • How can we contact you?
  • Do you have a copy of your license, insurance, and certifications?
  • What will be your working hours?
  • By when do I expect the project to be finished?

Ask more questions to know about the contractors, their professionalism, work experience, etc. 

Hire the Best Window Installer in Los Angeles

Even the best-quality window won’t look perfect when the installation isn’t done properly. A reputable window installation company offers training and certification to its employees. Always check insurance before hiring. You get relief knowing that the insurance providers will compensate for the damages incurred during installation.  

Are you looking for a top window replacement in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Inland Empire California, CA? Top of the Trades can help. We offer the best window installation services in Southern, California. Get in touch with us now to discuss your requirements. To get a quote, Call 1 (800) 868-6130 and we’ll start the installation work immediately. 



  • Maximize daylight openings
  • Mitered interior vinyl trim
  • Custom Moulding
  • Vinyl wrap frame covers
  • Custom made openings
  • Raised stone moulding around openings
  • Windows made into doorways
  • Bay windows
  • Remove wood frames
  • Painting
  • New Construction
  • Coil Wrap

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