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Entry Doors

Single Fiberglass Doors

Single Fiberglass doors starting at approximately $10.00 a month. Includes moulding, lock, and installation Finance terms: 144 months, Fixed 4.99% APR, Must be a combined minimum purchase of $3000.00



Starting at Approximately $7.00 per window/ per month Finance Terms: 144 months, Fixed 4.99% APR Must be a combined minimum purchase of $3000.00


Seamless Gutters

$.10 LF Seamless Aluminum Gutters $27.70 a month Finance Terms: 144 months, Fixed 4.99% APR Must be a combined minimum purchase of $3000.00

Patio Door

Patio Doors

Patio Doors

Starting at approximately $30 a month. Finance Terms: 144 months, Fixed 4.99% APR Must be a combined minimum purchase of $3000.00 6’0x6’8 White Vinyl, Dual- Glazed LowE Glass


We love what we do! 
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Top Home Improvement Contractors in Upland, California

Are you looking for various home remodeling projects? Or, do you want to upgrade a few frequently-used areas in your house? Look no further.
We at Top of the Trades offer an extensive range of home remodeling services that cover your interior and exterior spaces. From simple upgrades and renovations, you can count on our workers for all types of home remodeling jobs. We have handpicked our team after carefully evaluating their experience, records, qualification, and training.
We understand how assigning home improvement projects to someone you barely know can be a daunting experience. You may have several questions, a tight deadline, and a budget. That’s
where we step in. Top of the Trades is a trusted home improvement contractor and your one-stop destination for all home remodeling projects. Whether you need your windows replaced or the gutter installed, we can help you with all home repair, replacement, and renovation projects.

Why Choose Us?


Over the past few years, we have accomplished many home remodeling projects in Southern California. We treat your home as our home and recommend the best quality material and the most suitable upgrades that fit your budget and preference.

We carefully examine your interior decor theme and suggest renovation work that works well with your theme.
We also understand how difficult it is for the family to continue their chores when there’s a renovation going on in the house. We take care of your privacy and safety. Our team believes in efficiency. We make sure that your door, fence, windows, sheds, and decks are installed without causing any disturbance to your family.

We Love What We Do

The results are much more effective when you love what you do. Our team enjoys home improvement! No matter how complicated the job is, we give our best. We have a team of passionate and experienced workers who are committed to giving you the best work. We love creativity and it shows.
Even though we have completed thousands of door, fence, and windows installation projects in the last few years, we look for new possibilities for each project. Our goal is to increase your home’s curb appeal and make your house a safe and healthy place to live.

Solution Oriented Team

Are your gutters clogged? Do you need new windows and doors? Do you want sheds on the patio? Or are you planning to install a pool deck in the backyard? Tell us your requirements, and we’ll fulfill them in the best possible way.

We quote a fixed price after assessing your home’s condition and understanding your requirements. With Top of the Trades, you never have to worry about the hidden cost or a ridiculously high service fee for a small job. We offer no-pressure sales!

We charge a reasonable price, whether it’s a one-time job or a long-term project. Quality matters to us the most. We know how important a well-built and sturdy deck is for you. We know how important energy-efficient windows are so we use the highest grade sealants. We follow your instructions closely to finish your home remodeling project efficiently.

Our Services

Doors Installation & Replacement

Door installation is not a DIY task. You need to lift the heavy doors and place them appropriately so that the door fits the frame without leaving any gaps. This can get pretty overwhelming if you don’t have an experienced installer. If you are considering a complete home renovation, you may want to start by replacing your outdated entrance doors with the newest contemporary styles, or maybe you need a security door that is sturdy and will offer safety and look attractive.

A Barn Door

The installation is as important as the quality of the door’s material. Having installed and replaced dozens of doors made of different materials, we have extensive knowledge of wooden, fiberglass, metal, and other doors. We have also installed doors that needed robust and heavier brackets for proper installation. Insulation is our main concern when it comes to door installation and repair work. We make sure the door fits the frame properly so that there’s no space for the air to leak inside your house.
After the installation, we check if your door locks and unlocks easily and if the peepholes and necessary parts are working well. Knowing that your doors are safe and the security systems are in working order, you can have peace of mind. At Top of the Trades, we have completed many door replacement projects as part of home remodeling.
We understand your safety concerns and recommend the best product that can withstand rough weather and all temperatures. Clean and proper installation means we ensure that nothing is damaged when our professionals are working on your door. We know how expensive the front doors are and how much you want to improve your home’s curb appeal with the best quality door. So, we do our best to give you all the benefits of having a visually appealing, sturdy, and well-built door. We help you make the best of the doors by simplifying the installation part.

Windows Installation & Replacement

As tempting as the DIY window installation idea sounds, it can go completely wrong. We have replaced many windows that got damaged due to poor installation. Just a few instructional videos
on YouTube or Pinterest won’t replicate the service of an experienced window installer. how to find the best window installers in los angeles california

We at Top of the Trades have been in this business for years. Having replaced hundreds of windows made of different materials, we know what it takes to complete the installation neatly and professionally.
Our team brings all the equipment, including power drills, shims, and caulking guns, to finish the installation as efficiently and quickly as possible. Replacing an outdated or damaged window can be a tedious and time-consuming job.

It requires a high level of precision. Besides, the installation of windows is directly associated with the insulation in your home. Some window installation projects require tiny adjustments to fit the opening. Poorly installed windows can lead to pest infestation, poor insulation, and soaring electricity bills.

Even a small space between the window and the frame means your HVAC systems have to work harder to keep your space warm in cold seasons and cool in summer.
Your sparkling new window does much more than increase your home’s safety. It’s the first thing your guest will notice in your interiors. Anyone can spot a difference between professionally installed windows and DIY window installations. If you are spending hundreds of dollars on modern windows, it makes sense to spend a few hundred extra dollars on its installation too.

You can trust us with your window installation and replacement projects. Rest assured that your newly installed windows will look as good as new for years. Depending on how many windows you need to be replaced, we can get the job done in a day or two.

Gutters Installation & Replacement

Rain gutters are extremely important for all sizes and types of residential homes. The main purpose of a gutter is to protect your premises from mold, mildew, and rainwater. When these gutters get clogged, rainwater is collected on the roof, increasing the risk of leakage into your attic.gutters installation replacement upland ca

To keep your home’s structure safe, you need a strong and neatly installed gutter system that diverts the water away from the walls and walkways of your home.
For a newly built house, you need a well-functioning and sturdy gutter that can drive the water away from the foundation of your house. If your gutter doesn’t operate efficiently or if the water is collecting on the roof, these are the signs you need professional gutter replacement. That’s where we step in. Top of the Trade has recently added gutter installation and replacement to our wide range of home improvement projects. Without a gutter, the rainwater can ruin your yards and might enter your neighbor’s backyard too. It can pool on your roof and other low-lying areas, ruining your vegetation.
Likewise, clogged gutters are as bad as having no gutters.

The gutters need to be cleaned twice every year, especially if they are old. Even better, you should replace them with modern, well-designed,
and efficient gutter covers. If you want permanent relief from regular maintenance, the best thing you can do is add gutter covers by Gutter Glove. These are top-rated gutter covers that do away with having to clean clogged gutters every year. They do not require maintenance.
Our team of professionals specializes in new aluminum seamless gutter sales and installation and replacement jobs. We have the best tools to complete the installation in the safest way possible. Let us know the type of gutters you need, and we will bring a professional crew to complete the installation or replacement.

Fence Installation & Replacement 

Installing a fence or replacing the outdated one are some important parts of your home improvement project. You don’t want an outdated fence in your backyard, nor can you afford to leave your outdoors without a fence, as it increases the risk of break-ins.


fence installation replacement upland ca

Fences come in varying materials, of which vinyl and wood are the most popular choices.
The installation of a fence matters as much as the product itself. You don’t want a low-quality fencing product that is vulnerable to weather and environmental damage. That’s where we can help.
Top of the Trades is your all-in-one home improvement company. In addition to windows and door installation, we can install modern fencing in your backyard.

We recommend the material based on your budget and the type of property. Vinyl fences are more expensive than wood fences, but because they require no maintenance and or painting or staining, they almost end up costing you the same as wooden fences, which their maintenance can cost you a lot in the long run.

For homeowners who need privacy in their newly built house, a chain-linked fence can’t help. It’s completely transparent. Wooden and vinyl fences are the best options for residential spaces. You need a safe, attractive, and fence material that won’t let intruders’ peek through your fencing. Let us know what you expect from your fencing and the type of property, and our experts will guide you throughout the installation of fence replacements.

We offer the most suitable suggestion when it comes to fencing material.
Once you have made a choice, we will take care of the installation process. Our experts ensure that the fencing is installed without causing any disturbance to your family or neighbors as much as possible. We understand how important privacy and security are for you. Our fence installation experts will execute the job efficiently so that your house is protected from animals and intruders.

Decks Installation & Replacement

If you are thinking of installing a deck in your backyard, it is quite a wise decision. Having an outdoor space where you can relax and unwind after a hectic day at work is something everyone needs. Plus, a deck serves as a perfect outdoor space for your kids to have fun, play sports, and participate in family gatherings.

decks installation replacement upland caIf you have outdoor space, turn it into a beautiful deck and increase the value of your property.
You can place outdoor furniture to make your deck attractive and functional. You can also convert your deck into your outdoor office and complete your regular chores in a fresh and peaceful environment. Top of the Trades can help you achieve a gorgeous and cozy deck that offers you shade and works as a perfect relaxation spot for families.
There’s no need to go to a park or other green areas for socializing. We can build a stunning deck on your property, creating a beautiful outdoor space. You can use it as an entertaining space or a place where you can simply unwind. Just tell us your needs and expectations, and we will build a deck that satisfies all your requirements. You can also consider a pool deck if you have a good budget and enough space.

If you are worried about the heavy maintenance, rest easy knowing that a deck is your best place to organize a party or chill with your friends as many times as you want, and without maintenance. Just cleaning is all it takes for your deck to look fresh and new. A deck is also a good investment if you plan on selling your property in the future. It can significantly increase the worth of your home, making it an attractive investment option for potential homebuyers.
After all, who doesn’t like a well-built, cozy, and clean deck?

Sheds Installation & Replacement

You have built a backyard not to let the environmental elements ruin your effort. Take a look at your garden and see what things are lying around. Certain tools, such as rakes and shovels, can rust if exposed to rough weather for a long period. Likewise, you may need to wash your lawn regularly if it remains exposed to rainwater, snow, and other elements.

sheds installation replacement upland ca

That’s why most homeowners build a shed to protect their patios, backyards, decks, and other outdoor entertaining spaces. A well-designed and properly installed shed does much more than give your outdoors a wonderful appeal.
A shed acts as a shelter that protects your tools and garden from external factors. It also offers protection from mold, mildew, and termite damage, which could spoil your garden. the sheds we build can also be used as an extra bedroom or office. There are so many possibilities! Let us help you install a shed in the backyard.

We specialize in shed installation and replacement services. We can also install a shed that offers a considerable storage space so you can keep your lawn equipment, sports gear, and other seasonal items that are not in use. The shed comes in various designs and styles, giving you a wonderful range of options to choose from. We can help you select a shed that works well with your exterior decor theme. All you have to do is tell us what you need and we will get it done for you.
A good-looking shed increases your property value not only because it offers protection from external elements but it looks pretty attractive.

Chances are your prospective homebuyers will want to pay your asking price if you ever plan to sell your home. If you already have a shed but it looks old and outdated, you should consider a replacement. We can help replace the shed with a contemporary-style, latest shed that offers the best protection and looks gorgeous in all seasons.

Are you looking for the best home improvement contractor in Upland, California? 

Are you looking for the best home improvement contractor in Upland, California? Well, look no further. We have got you covered. Whether you need doors and windows installation or are planning to build a gutter to protect your home’s foundation, we can do it all. Tell us your
requirements, and we will send our crew to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Call us now to get a quote. We also offer a free consultation so that you can learn more about our team, experience, commitment, professionalism, and previous work. Check our portfolio to know
more about our previous jobs and client satisfaction rate.

During the consultation, we discuss your home improvement projects, your budget, your expectations, and the deadline by which you need all the installation and replacement work done.

Once we have evaluated your house and your needs, we will quote a final price. You can rest assured that we don’t charge any hidden costs. We will bring the necessary tools and crew to accomplish your home remodeling projects as fast as possible without compromising on quality.
So, what are you waiting for? Call us or drop us a message. We will
gladly assist.

Call us or drop us a message. We will gladly assist.