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A Ventilation Door With Security

Ventilation Doors With Security

So you know when you have those hot days or a cool night with a nice breeze? It would be nice to open up a door and get some cross- ventilation, and the problem usually is a standard screen door has no protection or security.

A simple solution is to add a security screen door to have peace of mind
leaving your door open without being vulnerable. Most security door
products are surface mounted as long as you have no impediments to
close or around your door openings. In some cases, you need to order a
custom inside-mounted unit, however, for the most part openings are
standard. If you are concerned about gaps at the bottom, you want to
make sure you have a sill adapter that will cover and close this gap, along with a door sweep.

Multiple Screen Door Options

Some screen doors are easier to see through. You want to look at all of your options to ensure you get what you want. You may wish to have your security doors keyed the same as your entry door to make it more convenient and faster for opening and closing purposes. You need to make sure you know your entry door lock manufacturer to have your keys matched. As an option, Kwikset locks make a Smart Key, which is very easy to key to existing door locks. The only caveat is that the locks must be compatible.

Light only with no ventilation

Suppose you are looking for a security door for light and no ventilation. Larson makes a security door with glass that is nearly impossible to breakthrough. These are nice, and the benefit is they will protect your door from outside elements, and if you want to leave your door opened for light or the ability to look out, this is an excellent option for you. People also like it because when they have a nice-looking entry door they would like people to see, a traditional security door will hide the entry door, unlike the glass door.

Light with ventilation

Have you heard of a security door with the option to have an operating glass window in it? If you still want light, you can order a security door with a window and leave it opened for ventilation and still feel secure. There are a few options available depending on the type of window you choose. There are two companies Titan and Larson that make security doors that are nice with window options. Call Top of The Trades today and find out more information!

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